Durelis P5

Durelis is an MUF-glued, versatile, moisture-resistant chipboard suitable for load-bearing applications. As an excellent alternative to traditional OSB/3 boards, Durelis is suitable for applications in environments with a high relative humidity level.

Durelis can be used in both traditional housing construction and timber construction as a structural construction board for floors, roofs or walls.

This board is also useful for non-load bearing applications, such as interior fittings in zones with a high relative humidity. Furthermore, it works perfectly as single use or multi use concrete formwork.



A fine, sanded surface (SA) is recommended if the board is going to receive an additional finish of melamine, finishing foil, lacquer, veneer or laminate, as is often the case in interior applications.


The heat-treated TopFinish surface (TF) creates an extra-hard, sealed surface with greater impact resistance, and it is easy to clean. The increased concentration of natural paraffin in the surface increases its moisture resistance. Our boards with a TopFinish surface also score highly for air tightness. These advantages mean that boards with a TopFinish surface are particularly suitable for building applications.

Tongue and Groove

The tongue and groove profile ensures high stability and simple installation. The system makes it possible to nail or screw the panels blind.

Stock range

TopFinish uncoloured Quantities per pack
Thickness EN 324-1 10 11 12 13 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 25 28
Sanded Quantities per pack
2500×1250 90 80 60 50 40
3050×1250 64 50 44 30
Tongue and groove Quantities per pack
2040×910 45 40 35
2400×600 100 80
2440×610 150 100 80
2440×1220 50 40
TopFinish Quantities per pack
2500×1250 90 80 80 64 48 45 40 40
3050×1250 44
3960×1218 52
2800×1196 90 72 66

Please contact us for more information about the technical capabilities regarding custom thicknesses and dimensions, and for minimum order requirements.

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