HydroFlam VapourBlock

HydroFlam VapourBlock is a HydroFlam construction board with an industrially applied, transparent vapour barrier on one side. The VapourBlock vapour barrier has a constant high μ value of 185 (12mm) over the whole surface of the board. This is in contrast to traditional wooden board materials for which the μ value is significantly lower and can vary considerably.

Combined with a TopFinish surface, this ensures that the board is extremely airtight (< 0.001 m³/ m²/h/Pa at 50Pa;12 mm). It is important to always seal all joints and cracks with suitable airtight tape.

HydroFlam VapourBlock boards are suitable for applications in service class 2 (limited temperature and relative humidity) and biological hazard classes 1 and 2 of EN Standard 335-3.

HydroFlam VapourBlock is an ideal solution for applications in timber-frame construction and in low-energy passive house building. Using HydroFlam VapourBlock on the inside of a building, and vapour-permeable wood fibreboard such as FiberTech Top on the outside, offers the advantage of combining an air barrier, vapour barrier and structural reinforcement, all combined in a single layer of board.

HydroFlam VapourBlock is suitable as a structural board in applications where low reactivity to fire and flame spread are important (roofs, walls, stairwells, exit routes, lift shafts, corridors, …) and where a higher resistance to fire is required (fire doors, fire walls …).

Always use the recommended tools when sawing, milling or drilling HydroFlam boards.

Fire-retardant products may cause deposits on tools and shorten service life.

Stock range

TopFinish Quantities per pack
Thickness EN 324-1 12
2800×1196 72


Please contact us for more information about the technical capabilities regarding custom thicknesses and dimensions, and for minimum order requirements.

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